Can You Employ Someone Without Advertising The Position?

Well, the short answer to this question would be ‘yes’. The thing is, employers are not legally obligated to advertise job vacancies, whether internally or externally, before filling in a vacant position within their company. Neither are they legally obligated  to make the recruitment process competitive or even conduct a formal interview before filing in the position.

Regardless, it is always a good idea to do so.

Many companies opt to advertise their job vacancies for many reasons. Key among these reasons is that through advertising, they open up the opportunity to a larger variety of people. In turn, this greatly increases their chances of picking out the best candidate to fill the job vacancy.

Do You Have To Advertise a Job Externally? 

Although employers are not legally obligated to advertise a job vacancy externally, it is always in their best interest to do so.  Advertising a job vacancy externally has several pros and cons, such as:

Advantages of advertising a job vacancy externally

As I have already mentioned, one of the major advantages of advertising a job vacancy externally is that it allows a larger variety of people to try out for the position. This greatly increases the company’s chances of selecting the right candidate for the position.

Another advantage of advertising a job opening externally is it allows for fresh candidates with new ideas to join the company. every company can greatly benefit from a set of fresh eyes and ideas when it comes to dealing with their shortcomings.

Advertising a job vacancy externally also allows fresh candidates to join the company and challenge their fellow employees in a healthy and professional capacity. This is a great way to boost morale and maintain high productivity in a company.

Disadvantages of advertising  a job vacancy externally

On the other hand, advertising a job externally can have the opposite effect on your team.

For starters, it may lead to feelings of dissatisfaction or even lowered morale among the employees. This is prone to occur in a scenario where a more-capable internal employee was overlooked for an external candidate or if internal potential candidates were not given a fair chance to try out for the position.

Do Employers Have To Post Job Openings Internally?

While employers are not obligated by law to advertise a job opening within the company, it is always a good idea to do so. Advertising a job vacancy within the company has many advantages and disadvantages to it. Some of the advantages are:

Advantages of advertising  a job opening internally

A major advantage of advertising a job vacancy within the company is that it costs way less to do so. By advertising a job opening internally, the company significantly reduces the cost of advertising the job vacancy as well as the cost of training programs for the qualified candidate. This is because most internal applicants will probably already be aware of what the job entails.

Another benefit of advertising a job opening internally is that it greatly quickens the hiring process. It eliminates the tedious process of going through countless applications and resumes as the employer can simply just check company records for qualifications.

When advertising internally, chances are, the employer will already have a potential candidate in mind. Likewise, it will be faster to compare the employees’ track record within the company in order to quickly gauge if they are suitable for the open position.

Internal advertising of jobs is crucial for maintaining healthy levels of morale within the team. It shows the employees that there is room for promotion and encourages them to work hard. It is also a clever way to ensure that your company retains its top players by allowing them room for professional development.

Disadvantages of advertising a job opening internally

At the same time, advertising a job opening internally has several drawbacks.

The major disadvantage of advertising a job vacancy internally is that it greatly limits the talent pool. The employer’s options are limited to the people who already work within the same company. it denies the company of integrating new talent into their team.

Moreover, it puts the employer in a tricky position when unqualified employees apply for the open position. The employer needs to be sensitive when it comes to announcing the qualified candidate. It also falls onto the employer to maintain morale and ensure that the disqualified candidates remain satisfied in their current positions.


When it comes to a company’s recruitment process, the employer has a legal obligation to ensure that the process is fair to all candidates. The process should be transparent and free of  discrimination. The recruitment process should also be robust and open to all interested and qualified candidates. it is also the employer’s obligation to outline the qualifications and expectations of candidates who will qualify for the position.

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