A giant 200-foot statue of Margaret Thatcher in Canterbury will not see the light of day – after Kent students voted against the idea.

The debate, at a Union Zone meeting yesterday, saw a high turnout from Kent University Conservative Association (KUCA) and Kent Labour Students.

The architect of the motion, ex-KUCA treasurer Guy Snowden, said: “The greatest form of flattery is imitation, and what greater form of imitation than building a 200 foot high bronze statue.”

Others said Mrs Thatcher, who passed away in April, should receive due credit for her time in office.

But there was also disquiet as several individuals in the room saw the motion as an insult to the work that Kent Union actually does for students.

The motion changed three times, eventually ending up as a proposal that Kent Union should pay to erect a 5″5 marble statue of the late Thatcher.

Sabbatical Officer Matt Harris called the debate “a complete waste of time”, and after many points from the floor both in favour and against the Conservative Prime Minister of the 80s, students voted overwhelmingly to stop the motion from passing.

With the main drama of the evening over, the meeting finally considered a motion for the Union to “take an active part in the Westgate Towers issue” affecting Canterbury traffic and bus routes, and it was passed.

Kent Union also passed motions to ensure the university paid all non-student staff the living wage.


  • Kent Union should look into and check that the University is still paying the living wage to all non-student staff. – PASSED
  • Kent Union should take an active part in the Westgate Towers issue in Canterbury likely to happen over the summer 2013. Kent Union should not necessarily take a firm position on what the resolves on this look like, but should be primarily campaigning for the Westgate area on bus routes. – PASSED
  • Kent Union should implement an online forum for students. – ASV
  • Kent Union should pay to erect a 5″5 marble statue of the late Rt Hon Baroness Thatcher. – FALLS

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